You don’t want to always feel jealous of the others living fun and exciting lives while you’re bored to death stuck in a job which drains all the juices out of you.

You want to be the one with total freedom of choice, traveling the world while working from your laptop.

You dream to feel empowered, fulfilled and on the mission creating something that’s truly truly yours.

You want to be and example to others, see the positive impact your can make on the world and finally earn way above average.

However, sometimes you feel your plans are further from realization than chocolate which actually makes you lose weight…

It’s high time for you to stop daydreaming about your own business and finally MAKE IT HAPPEN.

There are so many things to consider and do and so little time. What seems to be a good thing – lots and lots of ideas make you confused and you literally don’t know where to start. And even if deep inside you’re convinced you have something to offer you’re still not sure you can consistently deliver and can stand on you own two feet as a business owner. And on top of that everyday life gets in the way too.

We can help.

We’re TAO Living – The Art of Living. Axela Rinoa and Daria Jedraszyk. Here’s to live and business bigger than your dreams. We work with new and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to be seen, want to be remembered and want to be paid what they’re worth.


 Axela Rinoa |  www.axelarinoa.com

TAO Living Founder
Success Coach, Brand & Business Strategist

Helps Entrepreneurs Build Stylish, Creative Brands Online and Grow Their Business & Income. Uses brain science, psychology of business, success and leadership to help high achievers reach the greatest levels of success. Supports women frustrated in their current jobs to create thriving businesses built on passion that support their lifestyles. Teaches how to have a better life-work balance and work smarter. Believes that despite all obstacles we all can unleash our true potential and reach high. Loves minimalism, interior design, travelling, her dog and vegetarian/vegan food. Occasionally wears a hat of a digital, design consultant and photographer.

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Daria  Jedraszyk |  

Linguist and PR specialist by profession, a bit of a wanderlust at heart.

Lived/studied in the UK, Poland, Russia, Australia, China and now Switzerland. Thanks to her flexible and easy-going approach feels at home everywhere. Passionate about the power of positive thinking and affirmations. Practices life minimalism and can-do attitude. Believes it is better to part of the solution not the problem. Open-minded and curious never stops asking questions. Good listener. Slightly sarcastic, yet an optimist with a contagious laughter. Always on a quest for great vegetarian dishes. Proud and excited to be the co-creator of TAO Living.

As successful Personal Branding and Online Business Strategists we help entrepreneurs from various backgrounds turn their hustle into a real deal.

So if you want to …

do the things you like best every day

live a more exciting and satisfying life

meet great people from all around the world

be in total control of your schedule

look at your bank statement thinking
‘Whoop whoop, did I actually earn that?’

… then welcome – you’re in the right place.

Having worked with many international clients and assisting in creating a number of stunning new brands, rocking social media strategies and mind-blowing marketing campaigns we know hands-on what works (and what can end up in total disaster).

In other words → our clients get results.

As TAO Living we’ve given a number of clients the confidence, blueprints and step-by-step strategies to set up businesses which are both profitable and easy to handle.

We believe that once you get the know-how you realize there’s nothing else to do but finally MAKE IT HAPPEN.